General Site FAQs

Who should I contact for technical support?

The Service Center is available to assist learners Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET). Contact the Service Center via email ( or phone (877-514-2354), or visit the Contact Us page.
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Is there a fee for participation?

Yes, fee information for each of the activities is included in the activity description. Click the more button under each activity to access this information.
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What is the refund policy of this site?

All sales are final once any learning content has been accessed. Refunds are not offered.
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What are the site requirements?

The site and courses are compatible with all web browsers that have been updated within the past three years except for Safari. Apple is currently working to upgrade Safari to allow better compatibility with online learning tools. The site and courses are also available on mobile devices.

Some hospital security settings and firewalls may prevent your coursework from checking off as complete; you may wish to complete your course content from a home network or have your hospital IT department whitelist this website.
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Lost your password?

Click the “Log In” link in the top navigation, then click “Lost Your Password?” Enter your email address or username on the following page and you will be sent an email with a link that will allow you to reset your password. If you have technical difficulties, contact the Service Center.
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How do I print my certificate?

Course certificates become available after completing your course. To review all certificates for completed courses, click on “My Courses” in the main navigation and click the “Access Certificates” button for each course.
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How long do I have access to my course?

You have access to your courses for 365 days after membership activation.
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I represent an institution that needs to provide staff training. Is there a volume discount and help tracking staff participation?

Yes, volume discounts are available, and our Institutional Package includes tracking and reporting software. Click on the Institutional Package on the Home Page to learn more. To view Pricing Information.
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Now that the site has changed, will I still have access to my past certificates?

After September 30, you will not have access to your past certificates; however, if you need assistance with accessing past certificates, please contact technical support. We will be unable to claim any unclaimed credit for you, but we will happily help you with existing certificates.
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How do I share my thoughts about the site?

Through our required evaluation form, we encourage feedback from learners. You can also use the form on the Contact page to share your thoughts – we want to hear from you!
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Why am I being charged GST/VAT?

Sales in certain geographic locations require collection of additional taxes by sellers and distribution of those taxes by sellers to the appropriate government authorities. These tax rates differ by country/location and can generally be found on your country or locale’s official website.
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I was registered on the old BFC site. Can I log in on the new site?

Yes. Your username/email address has been transferred over – You will be prompted to set up a new password when you log into the new site for the first time. After that, you will log in as usual.
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Is a printed version of the course available?

Our courses are exclusively online; no printed version is available. Once you activate your course, you will have 12 months’ access to it, and you may access it as often and as many times as you would like.
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FAQs Regarding Credits

How often are my MOC credits submitted?

MOC completion information is submitted quarterly to the American Board of Pediatrics.
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What types of credit can I earn for completing the Breastfeeding Training modules?

  1. AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM
  2. AAFP Prescribed Credit
  3. UVA SONCE Contact Hours
  4. CPE-Registered Dietitian Contact Hours
  5. Certification of Participation
  6. L-CERPS

Click to read the Accreditation and Designation Statement.

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What types of credit can I earn for completing the Breastfeeding Friendly Performance Improvement activity?

  1. AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM– PI-CME
  2. American Board of Pediatrics MOC Part 2 and Part 4 points

Renowned partner HIT Global provides the professional practice quality improvement (MOC Part 4) component of this program. You should plan for 8-12 weeks completion time for this component.

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How do I earn continuing education credits on

Credits are earned with section completion for the Breastfeeding Training Course and the MOC Knowledge Self-Assessment Course. When you complete a section within those courses, you will be asked to complete a short survey. When the survey has been completed, you can download and print your certificate, pre-populated with the amount of credit offered for that section.
For the Breastfeeding Refresher Course, you will need to complete all exercises contained within that course and the short course survey in order to access your certificate.
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I finished my course – where’s my certificate?

On your My Courses page, you will see a list of the courses that you have completed, with a Certificate button. Click that button to open and print your certificate. Additionally, you can click that button to reprint your certificate at any time if needed.
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What should I do with my certificate?

In general, you will want to print your certificate to present to your training coordinator or administrator, as well as keeping a copy for your personal records.
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Do the Breastfeeding Training modules meet staff training requirements for the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative?

  1. Yes, a total of 20 credits are available to meet staff training requirements.
  2. Modules recommended for physician training have been designated with **.

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I have heard that the registration fee for Virginia and Tennessee residents is waived. Is this true?

Yes! The Virginia Department of Health covers registration fees for Virginia healthcare providers. You will be asked to verify Virginia residency when you register. The Tennessee Department of Health and the Tennessee Hospital Association are working together to provide training to select staff members from hospitals throughout the state.
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Can I still access my past certificates that were on the old site?

You will not have access to your past certificates; however, if you need assistance with accessing past certificates, please contact our support team at or call 877-514-2354. We will be unable to claim any unclaimed credit for you, but we will happily help you with existing certificates.
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Thank you for contacting the Breastfeeding Friendly Consortium. Someone will respond to you shortly during our regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm ET.