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Our patient registry can be used to capture clinical information at the point of care and calculate provider compliance with clinical guidelines appropriate for each patient. This real time approach allows providers to assess their performance at any point in time for individual patients or for their entire population of patients.

The Breastfeeding Friendly Consortium’s patient registry enables providers to identify gaps in care compared to evidence-based clinical practice guidelines that promote and support exclusive breastfeeding. This helps providers target improvement initiatives in areas where patient data has shown that improvement is needed. In addition, the registry can be used to evaluate the impact of changes implemented by the provider to improve care. Rather than waiting months to determine if an intervention was effective, providers can use the registry to evaluate the impact of an intervention in real-time and make adjustments based on analysis of registry data.

A set of standard reports is available to all registry users. In addition, the registry supports the development of customized reports or ad hoc queries into the provider’s clinical database created by the registry. This allows the provider to investigate specific areas of interest. The registry is constructed so all standard reports, customized reports, and ad hoc queries can be produced locally by the provider without the need for external programming or IT support.

The registry can be used by individual practitioners or by organizations to collect aggregate data.  Real-time access to this type of information drives change in the way care is delivered and contributes to improved patient outcomes.


Practice Facilitation

As an additional option, individual practices or organizations can receive on-site technical assistance with implementing the patient registry and making optimal use of the data generated.  Trained healthcare professionals are deployed to provide on-site education and technical assistance in developing skills for quality improvement, clinical process redesign and performance measurement. The specific areas of technical assistance can be customized based on the needs and priorities of the individual provider or health system.

Please contact us for additional information and pricing for these options at or 877-514-2354. 

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